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web-based physical simulation written by chatGPT

Online Interactive Physical Simulation Generated by GPT-4

中文版本 | Project Page

Welcome to the homepage of the Online Interactive Physics Simulation Generated by GPT-4 project! In this project, you can find various physics simulations based on GPT-4, designed to provide an intuitive and fun way to explore the physical world.

Simulation List

Here are some simulations in the project, click on the link to view the corresponding simulation:

Physical Models

  1. XY Model
  2. Vicsek Model for Collective Motion
  3. Non-Reciprocal Vicsek Model
  4. Phase Separation
  5. Spontaneous Chiral Symmetry Breaking
  6. Diffusion-Limited Aggregation

*The correctness of the physics is not guaranteed, please check the source code for confirmation.

Mouse Interaction

  1. Particle Repulsion
  2. Particle Party

Contribution and Feedback

We welcome your contribution to this project! If you have any suggestions or want to add new simulations, please feel free to create an issue or submit a pull request.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

由 GPT-4 生成的在线可交互物理系统模拟

English Version | 项目主页

欢迎来到由 GPT-4 生成的在线可交互物理系统模拟项目主页!在这个项目中,你可以找到各种基于 GPT-4 的物理系统模拟,旨在提供一个直观且有趣的方式来探索物理世界。




  1. XY模型
  2. Vicsek鱼群模型
  3. 非互异Vicsek模型
  4. 相分离
  5. 自发手性破缺化学反应模拟
  6. 扩散限制聚集模型



  1. 粒子排斥
  2. 粒子狂欢


我们欢迎你为这个项目做出贡献!如果你有任何建议或者想要添加新的模拟,请随时创建一个 Issue 或提交一个 Pull Request


本项目采用 MIT 许可证

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